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Digital Resume Parser (DRP), a product of The Digital Group Infotech (T/DG), provides you the automated solution of extracting intelligent data from candidate resumes and helping the HR & Recruitment teams to eliminate the old tedious manual process of extracting data. This in turn saves time and efforts of the team by automating the process of data extraction, analysis, and storage.

Say Goodbye to the tedious Manual Process of Data Extraction…



Consistently accurate information extraction through intelligent data processing techniques.


Using AI to extract the most relevant data from diverse resume formats – traditional and upcoming resume templates

Intuitive Summary

Summary of each resume with skills, qualifications, personal, organizational & other significant details about the candidate

I/O Formats

Support for multiple input formats and industry standard output format for easy unification with your application

Seamless Integration

Inbuilt REST API for seamless integration with existing and new systems irrespective of the programming language

Accelerated Results

NLP & Semantic Analysis power the extraction of precise data within seconds to accelerate the recruitment process

Privacy & Security

Following industry standard security features under GDPR Compliance to protect user data

Customizable Services

Our services are easily customizable to cater to your requirements and specifications

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

DRP provides you the process that analyzes the resume/CV information and extracts it into machine readable output such as JSON.

DRP accepts different resume input formats like pdf, docx, doc, txt, rtf, odt, dot and act as an interpreter that will segregate resume data into various sections like Personal Information, Education Details, Organization Experience, Project Details, Client Exposures, Skills, Achievements, Certifications, Trainings, References etc. into JSON structured output with the information that will help you to analyze the applicant.

Parse Information from any type of Resume/CV

The Digital Resume Parser can extract data from diverse resume formats such as –

  •  Traditional Resume
  •  Chronological Resume
  •  Functional Resume
  •  Combination Resume
  •  Targeted Resume
  •  Online Resume Templates etc

DRP is the best solution if you want to maximize efficiency of the recruitment process through a perfect way of sorting the applicants as per the job needs.

One Stop Solution for Multiple Industries

Digital Resume Parser is equally capable of extracting high quality data from resumes of different industries and domains.

  •  IT/ITES
  •  Banking & Finance
  •  Law & Insurance
  •  Healthcare & Pharmacy
  •  Sales & Marketing
  •  Media & Communications

… and Many more

Extract Candidate Summaries

The Digital Resume Parser, parses candidate resume information into intelligent data consisting of -

  •  Employment Experience information
  •  Skills and competencies used in the job
  •  Project and Client Experience details
  •  Education Details
  •  Total years of Experience
  •  Working Domain Experience
  •  Work Sector Details
  •  Personal Information of Candidate, etc.

This will help to analyse the applicants in terms of the years of experience, skills, education, etc. to match the best fit with respect to the job requirement.

Import Resumes into Candidate Database

DRP provides you with multiple options for importing resume to your candidate database

Upload Single Resume
Import a single resume from your computer for parsing the candidate profile and adding it to your database.
Import from Outlook
Using DRP Outlook Add-in, by just a click, you can import, parse, and add resume data into candidate database from the configured Outlook mailbox.
Bulk Import of Resumes
  • Discover an extremely fast way to import large set of resumes in one go!
  • Get started with resourcing new candidates or pre-populate your candidate database with existing resume files.
  • Upload the maximum of resumes through DRP API and in no time it will parse them all!
Verify Redundant Record
DRP provides you the feature which helps you keep redundancy in check. When you import a resume, there is a possibility that the candidate information is already available in your candidate database. Tell DRP what to do with the duplicate resume – overwrite or add a duplicate record.

Enhanced features such as Bulk Import & Outlook Add-in for parsing the candidate resumes will help you save lot of time...

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